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I am a marketing professional during the day, and love spending time in the kitchen during the weekends cooking the food that I like to eat.

My love for food started as a kid with the hearty delicacies that my grandma used to cook when I visited her during the summer vacations. I have also been influenced by all the great food that I have come across in the various cities where I have lived – Kerala, Bangalore, UK and Singapore. I realised my passion for cooking during my student days in the UK. Frequent travels to Goa, where my wife grew up, has exposed me to a whole new world of coastal cuisine.

Some of the recipes that you see in this blog have also been inspired by the food cooked by my cousins and my brother-in-law, whom you can always rely on to cook a plate of delicious food.

Write to me at thetakeiteasychef [at] gmail [dot]com.

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