How to clean a crab in less than a minute?
“How do one clean a crab? They look so difficult to cut and clean that most crab lovers are petrified at the thought!” Not anymore! This article will show the easiest way to clean a crab in under a minute.
  1. Wash the crabs clean.
  2. It’ll be easy to clean crabs when you have access to running water. So position yourself near a sink while cleaning the crab.
  3. Let’s start by turning the crab over.
  4. Now lift it’s apron. You can use a knife to pry it off.
  5. You can either break it off, or lift it up fully and move to the next step.
  6. Turn over, hold firm, and pull off the carapace (top shell) along with the apron. If you had broken off the apron in the previous step, just lift the carapace. Hold firm, and slowly pull it off.
  7. If you want to use the top shell or carapace for serving, wash and keep it aside. Rinse well to remove any particles in the shell. Otherwise, just bin them.
  8. After the carapace is removed, the crab will be left with gills and guts exposed.
  9. Rinse well to remove the guts. Pull out all the gills.
  10. Rinse again to remove any remaining inedible bits.
  11. The crab is all cleaned up and ready to cut now.
  12. Place the crab on a flat surface (or a chopping board), and cut along the middle using a heavy knife (like a cleaver). Alternatively you can cut through the middle using a heavy duty scissors.
  13. Now break off the claws (the two big claws). Cut off the ends from the swimming legs. And for a final touch, crack the claws with the non-sharp side of the knife or a heavy spoon so that it’ll be easy to reach the meat once it’s cooked.
  14. It didn’t even take a minute to clean one crab. Now keep calm, and repeat the same steps for the remaining crabs.

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