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Indian Summer Salad with Honey and Lime Dressing

Indian Summer Salad

This Indian Summer Salad is the best salad to keep you refreshed and healthy this summer! Made with fresh and easy to source ingredients, this salad doesn’t require any cooking. You just have to bring together all the ingredients with this fantastic honey and lime dressing.

Ragi Idli & Pepper Coconut Chutney

Pepper Coconut Chutney

If you love idli, you cannot say no to this terrific combo of delicious, super healthy ragi idlis and the lip-smacking pepper coconut chutney. You have a perfect breakfast when you pair these soft, fluffy idlis with this fantastic, one-of-a-kind, six pepper medley coconut chutney.

Chicken Ularthiyathu

Chicken Ularthiyathu

Chicken ularthiyathu is a popular dish from the Kerala cuisine. Chicken is cooked with onions and a variety of spices, before reducing to a roast consistency to absorb all the flavours. Fresh coconut chips are added to this dry curry to give a crunchy texture and that forms the highlight of this dish.

Rajasthani Laal Maas

Laal Maas

This Laal Maas recipe is my easy rendition of a classic meat delicacy – the traditional Rajasthani Laal Maas with succulent mutton pieces falling off the bones! Laal maas is a mutton curry spiced with dry chillies and cooked in a yogurt base.

Egg Curry Kerala Style

Egg Curry Kerala Style

This Egg Curry Kerala Style is packed with flavours – it has subtle sweetness from onions, creaminess from coconut milk, mild tanginess from tomato, and a hint of heat from chillies.

Baked Potato Wedges

Baked Potato Wedges

These baked potato wedges are crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside, and packed with a load of flavours! You got to try it only once to believe how good they are!

Ragi Manni , Ragi Halwa, or Finger Millet Pudding

Ragi Manni

Ragi Manni is a traditional, healthy dessert made with finger millets, jaggery, and coconut milk. This pudding with its jelly-like consistency is super-easy to make and tastes great when served chilled.