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Onion and Pepper Crab

Onion & Pepper Crab

This onion and pepper crab marries the delicate flavours of crab with the sweetness of caramelized onions and the punctuated fieriness of black pepper.

Chicken Xacuti

Chicken Xacuti

Goan cuisine is not just about their seafood. Check out this wonderful chicken recipe that brings together a variety of spices and grated coconut in a succulent chicken curry.

Kokum Juice

Summer is coming. Here is a refreshing drink from the coasts of Goa. Kokum juice is a popular drink from Goa. Kokum, also called Malabar Tamarind, is known for its digestive qualities and is a rich source of vitamins. It is an essential part of the Goan cuisine, and can be found across the recipes f

Crab Curry

Crab Curry

This crab curry is probably one of the simplest yet delicious crab recipes that you’ll ever come across. Try this three-ingredient recipe today. The flavours delivered by this dish will blow your socks off!

(Bilimbi) Irumban Puli Pickle

Irumban Puli (Bilimbi) Pickle

This Irumban Puli (Bilimbi) pickle is all about the nostalgic flavours that you can never forget! The sourness of bilimbi and the heat from the chilli powder makes this a mouthwatering pickle.