Ingredient: salt

Chicken and almond salad with mint-cilantro dressing
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Chicken and Almond Salad with Mint-Cilantro Dressing

Here is an easy-to-make, fresh, and healthy salad recipe. This salad is ideal for a quick, weeknight dinner, and makes it a tasty, satisfying meal.
Sliced cucumber, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and shredded lettuce provides a fresh, nutritious base. Almonds add an element of crunch to the salad, and the pepper-flavoured chicken completes the healthy protein option. The mint-cilantro dressing with a hint of lime juice brings a fresh, tangy twist, and holds this salad together.

Pavakka Theeyal (Karela/Bitter Gourd/ Bitter Melon cooked with roasted coconut)
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Pavakka Theeyal (Karela/Bitter Gourd/ Bitter Melon cooked with roasted coconut)

Theeyal is a traditional Kerala delicacy made with roasted coconut, spices and tamarind. When made with bitter gourd, this becomes a treat for your taste buds. The mellow, yet distinct bitterness adds depth to the tangy spice flavours. Let me share an easy-to-make take on the traditional Pavakka Theeyal recipe that’ll help you cook a healthy, yet tasty dish with bitter gourd (Karela).

Creamy Ginger Prawns (Shrimp) served with garden salad
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Creamy Ginger Prawns (Shrimp)

Tasty prawns (shrimps) with warm aroma of ginger, with mellow richness of silky cream, mild fieriness from chilies and black pepper, all topped up with fresh coriander leaves – pure bliss!

What memories does a tasty plate of seafood evoke? Is it about seashores, or great beaches were you have been to, or fun times at some fantastic vacations, or a great restaurant you have visited?