Ingredient: onion

medium, Starters

Seekh Kebab

Ground meat seasoned with some great spices and onions, molded around skewers and slow cooked, that’s seekh kebab on a skewer for you.
This is probably the easiest seekh kebab recipe that you’ll come across. I have tailored it for home cooking.

Homemade Fish Cutlet/Croquette
dairy free, easy, non vegetarian, seafood, Snacks, Starters

Homemade Fish Cutlet/Croquette

While we were growing up (and even now), my parents were always against junk (fast) food. They firmly believed, rightfully so, in the importance of having tasty, healthy, home-cooked food. My mom was a stay-at-home mom, and she used to cook all these great snacks that we gorged on after coming back from school in the evening. These fish cutlets were one such home-made snack that we looked forward to. Made fresh with fish, potatoes, spices, and filling up the kitchen with the delicious smell of fried breadcrumbs, this is definitely one of the chart toppers if I have to pick my favourites.

Mushroom and Spinach with Burnt Garlic
easy, Main Course, ovo vegetarian, Starters, vegetarian

Mushroom and Spinach with Burnt Garlic

I have been asked why my posts are always about chicken, meat, fish or seafood. They ask “Do you not eat (or cook) any vegetables?”. The answer is “yes, I do.” In fact, while growing up, for every meal, my mom used to serve two vegetable based curries. Even now, we have at least one vegetable dish included in our lunch and dinner meals. But, for me, the “hero” in all those meals has been the protein, which is the aforesaid chicken, meat or fish. That’s why I almost, always, post these “hero” recipes.

'The Take-It-Easy' Fish Fried Rice
dairy free, Main Course, medium, non vegetarian, seafood

‘The Take-It-Easy’ Fried Rice

Every time we have a get-together, my cousin makes this signature dish of his. And each time we cannot get enough of it. To celebrate the Easter long weekend, I thought of making this amazing dish myself. It turned out really well. Here it is…’The Take-It-Easy’ version of the fish fried rice. Replace the fish, with small pieces of chicken, and you have a delicious chicken fried rice. Alternatively, you can make this fried rice with your choice of vegetables (cauliflower works great). * If you are not a big fan of fish, replace with small pieces of chicken, and…